The Spider and the Fly


I really like salamanders. They're so big, round, and cute in this picture. IDK what else to say. Bugs and Herps are fun little guys.

Source: Toya Sarno Jordan/Reuters

I'm learning how I need to resize images for this part of my website, this one I resized to half the height and width so that it would fit within the post borders. Luckily I could delete the first iteration of the image I uploaded, and just rename the new one so that there wasn't a need to change the upload url. IDK if that makes sense outside of html understanding. Probably not. But it's fun problem solving anyways.


Testing what image posts here might look like. This one should be better for mobile too, I'm hoping.

Here's an image I like for the test:

Carpe Noctem (Seize the Night)

I really enjoy art that has texture and almost flesh-like qualities amidst it's monochromatic looks. I don't really have input beyond that since this post is a test.