Adoration, Beauty in the Macabre

About Me

My name is Arlo, I use he-him or they-them pronouns.

This website is ever in-progress, but I wanted to give something a try so that I could learn a bit about this style of posting and whatnot.

I am Rosebud Lakota, in my 20s and a butch lesbian. Interests of mine are writing fiction, essay writing and research, horror, country life, the goth and punk subculture, embroidery and beadwork, human anatomy and gender, and art - primarily digital, but some traditional - for an idea of who I am.

Within the constraints of this site, I'm hoping to post some deep-dives into the above interests, and generally have a little home unattached to a 'proper' social media website as I try to distance myself from those kind of subscription and ad-heavy spaces. I also want to better log my reading - I want to read more and write my thoughts in my own space not necessarily separate from anywhere else, but to just make it more consolidated. I'm tired of making one social media account after another, even for review sites. It feels like it's becoming a forced necessity to every part of my life and while it has some good, I would like to distance myself for an overall better mental health state.

Current projects or hobbies are: writing a trilogy book series; finishing an art commission; and embroidering some patches; reading How to go Mad Without Losing Your Mind by La Marr Jurelle Bruce, A Decolonial Feminism by Francoise Verges, Glory by NoViolet Bulawayo, Indigenous Paleolithic by Paulette F. C. Steeves, Foundryside by Robert jackson Bennett.

I'm hoping to write some thoughts on all of them, and keep tabs on how many books I read this year!

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